Datamailer – and your information is securely protected!


Top Secret!

Security is a priority when you are dealing with confidential information, for example banking pin numbers or information from your mobile provider. With a data mailer the closed dispatch envelope is already an integrated part of the form and inside the cover you will find the confidential information all on one sheet.

Protected from curious eyes by a sure all round sealing, only the recipient of the data mailer will be informed of its contents by the easy open perforated side.


Data mailers from Euroforms can be individually manufactured and can be delivered as continuous forms in the formats of 4 inches to 25 inches with carbonless- self copy paper or with Hot Carbon Fields. Up to four inserts can be integrated into the pocket along with the possibility of three heat sheets before the pocket is closed.

Areas of Application:

  • Pin Numbers
  • Bank Statements
  • Deposits
  • Invoices
  • Reminders
  • Direct Advertising
  • Tax Assessment
  • Fine Notification



Costs reduced- there is no need for folding or envelope stuffing.

Time saved- the information can be dispatched quickly and problem free as soon as the information is printed.

Data Protection- with a data mailer, the risk of error is lowered by 100%.