Payslips – when you need perfect data security!

Pay & payroll slips

A quick look at the advantages

  • For every EDV System: IBM, Paisy
  • Comfortable handling with an all round perforation
  • Safe and varied printing
  • Trouble free run quantities on printers and post printing machines
  • Reduce costs through SD-Spot
  • Long storage capabilities


Easy Handling.

All round perforation allows for easy opening. After separation along the perforation the recipient has two sheets, the upper sheet can be destroyed and the lower sheet is the account document.


Euroforms preprinted organisation forms can be made as a continuous or single document print run. The forms are made individually for the customers’ desired application. Through standard size dimensions a huge number of formats are not only printed but the paper can be provided with different coatings to produce partial copy fields. For example with Hot Carbon, CB and CF shift. In subsequent treatments the different punches, cuts, glueing, numbering and perforation can be adapted to your needs.

Costs lowered through SD-Spot.

To help reduce costs we also offer you the SD Spot. If only the cover part of the document requires subsequent copies, a competitive natural paper can be chemically partially coated.